Team Run

  1. Non-commercial, Institution, Association, Team, Club, Non-governmental organizations and companies can participate in Team Run
  2.  Team Run must consist of at least 5 people.

·       Registration can be done in web site under 10 Km Team Run ”tab.

  1. Team Run will be run at the same time and at the same track as the 10 km run of Runatolia and will only be performed with an extra evaluation.
  2. The average of the first 3 athletes who achieve the best rank of each team is determined by the ranking of that team. The first, second and third teams in the overall ranking receive their trophies on the podium.

* All team participants must come to the registration area and sign the waiver personally and receive their own chest numbers and chips. The chest number and chip of the athlete who cannot come personally cannot be received by another person. Race morning chest numbers and chips are not delivered.

  1. Runatolia 10 Km Team Run must only be registered from the 10 Km Team Run tab on the Runatolia registration page. The desired team name must be sent to [email protected] before the team registration is created. Entry through the system will be made by us.
  2. Those who register from 10 Km, 21 Km and 42 Km section will not be included in the Team Run competition.
  3. Those who register from the Team Run section will not be included in the 10 Km competition.
  4. Teams with fewer than 5 participants are not considered in the Team Run category; however, they will be able to see the rankings of the runners as they participated in the 10 Km run and the runners may enter the individual ranking.
  5. The number of participants must be at least 5 for each team and there is no maximum number of participants.
  6. The average of the 3 fastest runners of the teams participating with at least 5 people is determined.